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A Horse Named Wannabet

I worked at a horse ranch for a few years. I have a deep, unflinching love for horses and was very grateful for this opportunity. While there, I became acquainted with a horse by the name of Wannabet. As her name implied, she had a reputation for being feisty and posing a challenge to her riders. 

I was inexperienced and fearful. Horses were my way of finding peace and calm in the years after my Dad died. I didn’t think myself equal to riding Wannabet, but I did enjoy petting her. In fact, I found her favorite spot (right between the ears).

Somehow, an unlikely bond was formed. She was the only horse in the barn that would nicker at me when I came in (and feeding time was not in full-swing). 

I don’t have any real pictures of her (this was before the time of good cameras on cell phones). But these are a few horses that remind me of her:

As I’ve been thinking about my experiences with this beautiful soul in a horse, I’ve learned even more from her. Wannabet lived in the moment. She didn’t take garbage from anyone (whether horse or human or dog). But she also loved without reservation and took care of this inexperienced rider when I certainly warranted a buck-off.

I’ve been wrestling with a lot of uncertainty in my creative journey. Days of depression. Days of regrouping. Days of trying again.

And, for some reason, I’d like to be a little more like this horse I knew. When the voice inside me that says, “Look at you! How could you ever break through? You are a hopeless dreamer destined for mediocrity!”

I can smile, think of that beautiful, red horse and say, “Wannabet?”