Click HERE to read my webcomic — THE LONGHAUL SMUGGLERS — written by me and penciled, inked, colored, and lettered by Pablo Hidalgo.

Below is a list of some of my other comic projects AND ARTIST COLLABORATORS. Please click over to my collaborators’ sites and show them some love. Without these talented artists, I wouldn’t have the joy of writing you comics!

THE BRATSNATCHERS (with Collaborator Cam Kendell)

There are no elves. No dragons. No gallant knights or fair maidens. They’re all gone to wage their epic wars and poetic romances. This is not their story.

This is the story of what they left behind. The ordinaries. The uglies. The clumsy creatures and not-so-epic villains. This is The Land of Leftovers.

But even when all that was left in the abandoned royal households were the chambermaids, carpenters, spinsters, and potters, they didn’t celebrate their freedom from monarchy—they remade it from scraps. Generations later, the Land of Leftovers has bred new problems. Problems that stomp through crumbling castles and kick and flail and scream at their cowering parents. Problems that believe they deserve better than leftovers.

HOB the goblin has a solution: a team of misfits that travel the 16 Realms of the Land of Leftovers removing royal brats before they take the crown.

Bratsnatchers is heist fantasy with heart. It’s Princess Bride meets Spirited Away with a dash of Ocean’s Eleven.

Cam and I have submitted the graphic novel THE BRATSNATCHERS and THE BRAT THAT BROKE THEM to the 2016 Creators For Creators Grant for consideration.

Find and follow Cam Kendell at: and

Cam is a professional illustrator. He does masterful commission pieces, board game art, and just about any other cool artistic thing you can think of! I highly recommend him.

DON’T WATCH THE WATER (with Collaborator Vinicius Rucci)

Suicide bridge is infamous and ordinary. It’s had the single most suicide jumpers from its ledges than any other bridge in the United States, but it looks like any other pedestrian walkway–it’s crammed with traffic and littered with garbage, and smells of urine. The only real difference is the chain link fence encircling the pedestrian walkway like a cage in some feeble attempt to prevent an accidental or unfortunate fall into the cesspool of a river below.

Samson Oscarson crosses the bridge every day without event. To be truthful, he barely notices anything on his commute other than the screen of his Google Pixel and the occasional homeless person he crosses the street to avoid. But when he loses his phone in a freak accident during his daily walk, he finds himself on Suicide Bridge staring at a hand-scribbled note, shoved into the chain link: DON’T WATCH THE WATER.

Samson Oscarson can’t resist the real-life click bait and finds out why this ordinary bridge has such an extraordinary reputation.

If an average person, on an average day, is confronted with their life’s regrets and failures would they suddenly consider taking their own life? What if the demons of their past were dripping, clawing, nightmares that slipped out of the water below, with appetites as keen as their needle teeth, and whose only words were the most vile and repulsive words you’ve ever thought. Would you jump to escape them?

If you don’t watch the water, you’ll never have to choose.

DON’T WATCH THE WATER is a 5 page short comic that is going to be in an upcoming comic horror anthology.

Find Vinicius Rucci on his Tumblr page.