Writing Rejection and The Moving Target

You Can Control Rejections.

No, you can’t control IF you get rejections. Writing is such a subjective field (a point that I understood to my core as I graduated with a major in English Literature from a university).

But what you can do is control whether those rejections consume you. Whether they resurrect your worry, your self-doubt, your insecurities. Whether a rejection in your inbox steals your writing momentum for days, or even weeks.


Well, by writing anyways. By writing on a new project. ENJOYING the process of writing is crucial here. Become a moving target.

I’ve received the most rejections I ever have in the last six months and they just haven’t bothered much. Those who are close to me have even commented on the way these rejections don’t seem to sink in like they used to. I’ve pondered a lot on why that is and I think it has a lot to do with becoming a moving target. I don’t obsess about any one project or any one opportunity for very long. I’ve realized that there are many different opportunities; an individual rejection isn’t the end of a dream–just a redirection.

Keep writing. Keep submitting. Keep the faith.

Then, no matter how sharply that rejection is written, it cannot pierce you–it cannot pin you down.