To be a Storyteller

I was sitting in a writer’s conference when I realized it. I do NOT want to be an author.

An author is someone who wrote that ONE book (or two). The ones she can’t stop doting on. An author gets a little nervous when someone asks them what they are working on now or when the next book will come out.

I want to be a storyteller.

You’ve seen a storyteller at a panel or writing conference. Usually they are the keynote, but not always. They’ve been in the business for decades. They can’t recite every title they’ve published; the list is too long. Besides, they are more excited about the current project and the project after that and after that. They have found joy in the act of CREATING story, not in just the ego-lift of having done the thing.

This is the path I’ve chosen. It may not be your path. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Here I will detail my journey to be a storyteller.

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